Royal Tandoori

Best Indian Restaurant Near Great Oakley

If you’re looking for the best Indian restaurant near Great Oakley, Royal Tandoori is the perfect place for you! It’s famous for its delicious dishes, and it’s been a part of our community for a long time. Let’s learn more about the tasty food, fun atmosphere, and why Royal Tandoori is so great.

Royal Tandoori: The Best Indian Restaurant Near Great Oakley

There’s a famous Indian restaurant called Royal Tandoori near Great Oakley. People in our area really love traditional Indian curries. At Royal Tandoori, you can enjoy classic Indian food in a tasty and modern way. Whether you live here or you’re visiting, this restaurant is a great place to try different Indian curry flavours.

Discover Our menu

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Royal Tandoori, near Great Oakley, is a top-notch place for yummy Indian food. It’s popular because we make real Indian dishes. You can try lots of tasty Indian food in a modern setting at Royal Tandoori. Our food is super good because we cook it with love. Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, everyone is welcome at Royal Tandoori. You can enjoy lots of delicious Indian dishes there.

Ordering online

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Do you want yummy food but don’t want to go out? No worries! Royal Tandoori can help. You can have our great food without leaving home.

Just go to our website and check out all the different foods we have. When you find something you like, it’s super easy to order.

We’re happy to bring your favourite Indian food right to your door. This way, you can enjoy the amazing tastes of Royal Tandoori from your own comfy home whenever you want.

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Booking a table at Royal Tandoori is a piece of cake! Whether you’re planning a special occasion or a lovely dinner, our online booking system is super simple to use. If you need any special help or have unique requests, our friendly team is here to assist you. We can’t wait to welcome you for a fantastic meal.

Contact Us

If you want to contact Royal Tandoori, the best Indian restaurant near Great Oakley, there are a few ways you can do it. Whether you want to book a table, ask questions, or plan your next tasty lunch, we’ve got you covered!

Phone: +4401536265391

Address: 88 Rockingham Road, Corby, NN171AE





Royal Tandoori is the top Indian restaurant near Great Oakley. People love it here because we serve super yummy Indian food that’s unlike anywhere else. You can order food online with no fuss, and it’s easy to book a table if you want to eat in the restaurant. We even have cool gift cards you can share with your pals!

When you visit Royal Tandoori, you’ll get to try all the fantastic flavours from India. Our restaurant is super friendly and inviting. It’s like going on a tasty food journey, and you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

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