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A Royal Feast: Christmas Dinner at Royal Tandoori in Corby

As the festive season approaches, the search for the perfect Christmas dinner destination in Corby is underway. During Christmas, many people enjoy eating traditional foods like roasts and spreads. But some people like to try new and different foods that are flavorful. If you’re one of those people, consider checking out Royal Tandoori. It’s a restaurant in Corby that serves delicious Indian food. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s an experience that can make your Christmas celebrations even more special.

The Ambience (christmas dinner corby)

As you step into the eating house, you are greeted by an atmosphere that perfectly balances elegance and comfort. Despite its location at a busy junction, the restaurant exudes a surprisingly relaxed vibe. The restaurant looks nice inside. It has some decorations that remind you of India. You can go there for a regular lunch or something special because it’s a nice place for both.

The Christmas Menu:

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Royal Tandoori’s Christmas menu is a culinary journey that blends the essence of Indian flavors with the festive spirit. The chefs have curated a special menu that combines traditional Christmas favorites with the bold and aromatic spices that define Indian cuisine.


Kick off your festive feast with a selection of tantalizing starters. The Chicken Tikka and Lamb Seekh Kebabs, marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection, are sure to please your taste buds. For those with a preference for vegetarian delights, the Paneer Tikka and Vegetable Samosas offer a delightful alternative.

Main Course

At Royal Tandoori, the best part of the Christmas dinner is the main course. They mix traditional and exotic flavours to make it memorable. The Tandoori Turkey is the star of the show. It’s simmered in a special oven with a secret blend of spices. It’s juicy and delicious! You can have it with yummy pilaf rice or try the Chicken Makhani, which is creamy and rich. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry! There are lots of options for you too. You can try Saag Paneer or Dum Aloo. The fantastic chefs at Royal Tandoori make these dishes. They’re just as filling and tasty as the meat dishes!

Sides and Accompaniments

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No Indian feast is complete without an array of sides and accompaniments. The Garlic Naan and Peshwari Naan, straight from the tandoor, are the perfect vessels for scooping up the flavorful curries. Complement your meal with a refreshing Raita or a tangy Mango Chutney for an extra burst of flavor.

Online Delivery at Your Doorstep

In the era of convenience, Royal Tandoori embraces the modern palate by offering a seamless online delivery service. The restaurant’s diverse menu, including signature dishes and chef’s specials, is just a few taps away from being delivered to your doorstep. Whether you’re craving the rich spices of a Chicken Tikka Masala or the comfort of a warm serving of Garlic Naan, Royal Tandoori’s online delivery ensures that the culinary journey comes to you.

The user-friendly online platform provides a quick and secure way to place orders, allowing patrons to indulge in the restaurant’s exquisite flavors from the comfort of their homes. The commitment to delivering quality extends beyond the restaurant’s walls, ensuring that the Royal Tandoori experience is accessible to all, no matter the location.



Round off your Christmas dinner on a sweet note with Royal Tandoori’s decadent desserts. The Gulab Jamun and Mango Kulfi offer a delightful fusion of Indian and festive flavors, providing a fitting end to your culinary adventure.

Reservation Excellence

Royal Tandoori understands the value of time and the importance of creating a hassle-free dining experience for its patrons. With an easy-to-use reservation system, guests can secure their preferred tables with a few clicks. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a festive gathering with friends and family, the reservation process ensures that every guest feels welcomed and attended to.

Contact Us

If you want to contact Royal Tandoori, the best place for lunch near Stanion, there are a few ways you can do it. Whether you want to book a table, ask questions, or plan your next tasty lunch, we’ve got you covered!

Phone: +4401536265391

Address: 88 Rockingham Road, Corby, NN171AE





Royal Tandoori stands out as a beacon of authentic Indian cuisine in Corby. Its delectable food, serene ambiance, and friendly service make it an ideal lunch spot.

While there are areas for improvement, particularly in service speed and portion size, the overall experience is more than satisfying. It’s where flavors, culture, and hospitality create memorable culinary journeys.
In conclusion, if you have a craving for Indian cuisine, Royal Tandoori is a must-visit. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or a leisurely meal, this restaurant promises an experience that is both delightful and memorable.

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