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Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant and Takeaway

The Royal Tandoori Indian Restaurant & Takeaway has been around in Corby for a long time. We’re the oldest Indian takeaway in this area. On August 16th, 2006, we added something new. We opened a fancy, modern restaurant that can seat up to 100 people. It’s a stylish place where you can enjoy our delicious food.
Our chefs are experts, and they make amazing Indian dishes using the best ingredients and traditional methods. Our menu has lots of options, from tasty curries to sizzling tandoori dishes and yummy vegetarian choices. So, if you love Indian food, come and try our place. You’ll have a great time!

We are a Non Alcoholic Restaurant! The consumption of alcohol on our premises is prohibited. However we do have a fully stocked bar serving Non Alcoholic Beers, Cider and Wines along with Mocktails, Soft drink and Juices.

Ordering Online

Ordering from Royal Tandoori is super easy and fun. You can choose to eat in our cosy restaurant or get your food to go. We really care about making yummy dishes and giving you the best service. We’ve mixed old and new flavours for a tasty experience. Our website is simple to use so that you can look at all our different foods and order without any trouble. When you visit us, you’ll discover a world of delicious Indian food that combines tradition and new ideas, all served with a big, friendly smile.

Best indian takeaway in corby

Experience the Royal Tandoori, a place where you can indulge in two delightful options. You can relish your meal within the charming ambience of our restaurant, or you can opt for the convenience of a takeaway. We promise you’ll have a great time with yummy food and super service at Royal Tandoori. Our special recipes mix old and new tastes, making each visit feel like a delicious journey through time. We’re all about celebrating tasty food and friendly service, so it’s like a party every time you come. Whether you eat in or take food away, get ready for a memorable taste adventure at Royal Tandoori!

best Indian takeaway in Corby


At Royal Tandoori, we’re all about modern Indian food. Our menu has loads of dishes for everyone, from Bangladeshi specialities to classic favourites like Rogan-Josh and Buttered Chicken. Plus, we have something special called Chicken Rajkumari that’s really tasty. We work hard to make our food top-notch, and we’re super professional. So, if you’re into delicious contemporary Indian cuisine, you’re in the right place.