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Let’s go on a yummy adventure at Royal Tandoori Restaurant! We’re exploring the tasty world of biryani—a dish full of delicious spices, flavours, and textures. Our restaurant, right in the heart of London, is a special place where you can try this amazing South Asian food. Biryani is famous for its yummy rice, juicy meats, and colorful spices. Come with us as we discover all the wonderful biryani dishes at Royal Tandoori Restaurant, where we always aim for the tastiest food!

The Art of Biryani Preparation

At Royal Tandoori, making biryani is like creating a special masterpiece! Our chefs don’t just cook it—they make it with lots of care and skill. They use recipes that are hundreds of years old and special ways of cooking that make our biryani unique. Every little grain of rice soaks up the yummy spices, and the meat and veggies make it even tastier. When you take a bite, you can taste all the amazing flavors that make our biryani so delicious!

Biryani Menu Highlights

Biryani Menu Highlights
  1. Chicken Biryani: Our chicken biryani is so tasty! We take juicy pieces of chicken and mix them with lots of yummy spices. Then, we layer them with fragrant basmati rice, which smells really good. When you take a bite, it’s like a party of flavors in your mouth! We also serve it with raita, which is cool and refreshing, and sprinkle fresh cilantro on top. Our chicken biryani is a delicious treat that makes your taste buds really happy!

  2. Lamb Biryani: At our restaurant, we make lamb biryani that’s super yummy! We cook the lamb really slowly until it’s super tender and perfect. Then, we put it in between layers of rice that smell amazing. When you take a spoonful of our lamb biryani, you’ll feel all warm and happy inside. It’s like getting a big hug from your favorite food!

  3. Vegetable Biryani: For our vegetarian patrons, we offer a tantalizing vegetable biryani that celebrates the bounty of fresh, seasonal produce. Colourful vegetables, aromatic spices, and fragrant rice come together to create a dish that is as nourishing as it is flavorful.

  4. Prawn Biryani: Indulge in the decadent flavours of the sea with our prawn biryani, featuring succulent prawns delicately spiced and layered with fragrant rice. Each bite is a celebration of the ocean’s bounty, offering a unique and memorable dining experience.

The Royal Tandoori Experience

Biryani Menu Highlights

At Royal Tandoori Restaurant, we have more than just delicious biryani! Our restaurant is cozy and welcoming, and our service is really good. We always try to make your dining experience special because we care about making tasty food for you. Whether you’re here with your family, friends, or even your classmates, we want you to enjoy all the yummy flavors of Indian food with us. Come and join us for a meal full of fun and flavors at Royal Tandoori Restaurant!

Online Delivery

In the era of convenience, Royal Tandoori embraces the modern palate by offering a seamless online delivery service. The restaurant’s diverse menu, including signature dishes and chef’s specials, is just a few taps away from being delivered to your doorstep. 

The user-friendly online platform provides a quick and secure way to place orders, allowing patrons to indulge in the restaurant’s exquisite flavors from the comfort of their homes. The commitment to delivering quality extends beyond the restaurant’s walls, ensuring that the Royal Tandoori experience is accessible to all, no matter the location.

Reservation Excellence

Royal Tandoori understands the value of time and the importance of creating a hassle-free dining experience for its patrons. With an easy-to-use reservation system, guests can secure their preferred tables with a few clicks. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a festive gathering with friends and family, the reservation process ensures that every guest feels welcomed and attended to.

Contact Us

If you want to contact Royal Tandoori, the best place for lunch near Stanion, there are a few ways you can do it. Whether you want to book a table, ask questions, or plan your next tasty lunch, we’ve got you covered!

Phone: +4401536265391

Address: 88 Rockingham Road, Corby, NN171AE





Join us at Royal Tandoori Restaurant and experience the magic of biryani like never before. With our diverse menu offerings, expertly crafted dishes, and unwavering commitment to quality, we promise an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving more. Come indulge in the flavours of India and discover why Royal Tandoori is a destination of choice for biryani enthusiasts.

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